Fireworks Flotilla

Fireworks Flotilla By Steve Alm Good end of the day, fellow Patriots!    What a 4th!  Waited for Sam and Ev’s (daughter-in-law and son) boat at the Palmetto Bay Marina boat launch; met the boat and headed up Broad Creek to the Shelter Cove fireworks launch site with about 100 ...
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Ani DiFranco – Revolutionary Love

Ani DiFranco – Revolutionary Love By Jay Alm Ani DiFranco – Revolutionary Love Righteous Babe Records – 29 January 2021 With someone as storied as Ani DiFranco, it’s hard not to drag her history into the listening.  The Righteous Babe Records founder and D.I.Y. “littlest folksinger” has been shuffling her punk ...
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Waiting for you By Regis Boff Do memories cast loose by your life’s end, wait bewildered for you to come back home, Like pets at windows?
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Candy – A Sweet Disquisition By Wendy Lombard             There are some types of candy that take me back to my childhood. A really old one is the Horehound, an odd little hard candy that I didn’t love, but my dad talked about having them when he was a kid. ...
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