Bobby Lee – Origin Myths

BOBBY LEE: ORIGIN MYTHSby Jay Alm 4 March, 2021On the aptly titled, “Origin Myths,” by Sheffield-based multi-instrumentalist Bobby Lee, the songs bleed in and out of each other like dreams. This is a Raga to tinge a trance. When I lay down, I see a dirty prism and brown, scorched-gulch ...
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The Shore

The Shore By Steve Alm Worked half a day then took an 8 mile bike ride in 88 degree sun. A little more than half way through, I stopped at the Tiki Hut, a Hilton Head beach bar, to hear my favorite group, Cornbred, play some tunes. When they got ...
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Men of the Sea

MEN OF THE SEA – A CHANTEY OF VALOR Sit back me hearties, listen to me .           I’ve a tale of bravery and honor, a tale of the sea. Four rugged venturers I’ll place in your ken. To your children and their children you’ll talk of these men.  Two from ...
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The Direction of Human Civility

THE DIRECTION OF HUMAN CIVILITY By Steve Alm Property of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review             In public discourse, it is imprudent to raise generalities habitually applied to members of demographic groups in order to differentiate them by means of making them less than the speaker.  We know this through experience and ...
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