Fireworks Flotilla

Fireworks Flotilla

By Steve Alm

Good end of the day, fellow Patriots!

   What a 4th!  Waited for Sam and Ev’s (daughter-in-law and son) boat at the Palmetto Bay Marina boat launch; met the boat and headed up Broad Creek to the Shelter Cove fireworks launch site with about 100 other boats.  Remember the pictures of the British and Allied Armies being evacuated out of Dunkirk, France during World War II with boats out of Ramsgate on the English side of the Channel?  The flotilla included hundreds of civilian boats coming out to get the troops to safety.  Ok, our trip wasn’t that world urgent but, it was still impressive moving along at no wake speed to the same destination with so many others.  We got to within less than 300 yards to the launch site and oohed and aahed to the display in the air and the reflections on the water!  What a way to remember our heritage!

Who loves you Baby!

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