We reserve the right to refuse to post or circulate any piece of work at our sole discretion.
We subscribe to a plagiarism detection site and we will check to see if your work may be
questionable and we will periodically check to see if someone is copying your work.
However, we do not warrant or guaranty the accuracy of these checks since we have no
control over the product.
Our posting and circulation of your work is free. We charge a 20% fee for any monies
you receive from a paying publisher to which we have introduced you. You are free to
deal with that publisher yourself after that sale but we shall retain the right to circulate
other pieces of your work you may leave with us to other potential publishers and we
shall charge a fee for any sales to those future publishers.
We are not your agent, we are essentially a broker. Accordingly, we shall be under no
obligation to report to you the names of any potential publishers to which your work has
been circulated until we receive an inquiry of interest. At this point, we will put you
directly in touch with that publisher and it shall be your responsibility to negotiate your
own deal. We will monitor those negotiations in order to become aware of our resulting
fee which will be 20% of your gross receipts from that sale.
We can remove any of your work from our site at our sole discretion. You shall receive
notice from us when and if we do so, We will remove any of your work from our site
which you have sold or otherwise placed with another site or publisher. Some publishers
insist that a piece has not been published elsewhere. Accordingly, if you wish to have us
circulate a piece for potential sale,you must notify us if you post or publish any particular
piece at a site other than ours. If you just want your work posted on as many sites as
possible with no expectation of sale, we will be happy to accommodate. We will remove
any of your work from our site upon your request.