Love Spotted in Dim Light

Love Spotted in Dim Light by Regis Boff Men fight wars, watch sports and pursue a wildly adjustable standard of beauty that is grounded entirely on availability and their inherent sympathy for homely, unattractive women whose desperation can be spotted in dim light. Women sob about male insensitivity while carping pointlessly ...
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Farewell Elvis

FAREWELL ELVIS By Evan W Alm Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building… unfortunately this morning we had to let our old man Elvis cross the rainbow bridge. 16 years old and his body gave out long before his sprit. Had a strong will to live all the way ...
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Modern Packaging

MODERN PACKAGING By Johnny Bob John Alm I’ve promised myself a hundred times during the last couple of decades that I would equip my kitchen with a chopping block and sharp and heavy hatchet to be used defeating modern packaging. I believe I would very much prefer cleaning up any ...
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Jay Alm Bio

JAY ALM Jay Alm is an acoustic alternative songwriter based in the mountains of Montana. As a former English-Creative Writing student though, his musings spill sideways into various other artforms including but not limited to album review, sweat-stung concert testimony, travel journaling, and poetry. He loves reading, outdoor recreation, and ...
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